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We Are Winvest

Winvest Global is a company that provides financial training and solutions which covers business investment, foreign exchange, cryptocurrency, futures and shares. Since our establishment in 2013, we have provided training across areas of finance and trading with our team of investment strategy and management experts. We are passionate and committed to providing financial training and solutions which covers a full range of financial education courses including business investment, foreign exchange and futures to investors.

Over the years, we have garnered commendations and well-deserved reputation from our valued clients. As we move forward, we aim to expand our global network by becoming a leading corporation for training and education in stock investments, gathering well-qualified coaches to impart innovative investment strategies and concepts to create a professional society of investors. Currently, Winvest has expanded to developing financial software and investment tools systems to allow investors to experience effective management of high-end assets for investment no matter where they are.

Our Vision

“Make Investment and Financial Planning Smarter and Fun.”

To become the leading company in investment and financial planning education, training and solutions, creating an environment for fun investment and smart financial planning.

Our Missions

We aim to strengthen our current brand presence in Eurasia and eventually expand Globally.

We seek to innovate new and emerging financial investment facilitation, education or services.

We are committed to becoming a leading brand of investment and financial planning education and training services and solutions.

We aim to become the leading community with the most resources and value in developing financial investment.

Our Core Values

At Winvest, our people are at the heart of our organisation. We believe there is more to the job itself as we invest in the person as a whole and develop our people with that in mind. We push ourselves to ensure to achieve our set goals and enlighten the lives of the community. Hence, we uphold these core values which dictate the decisions and premise of our business operations.

Wisdom Shared

We share knowledge and wisdom among each other. We collectively build each other uo to make our company reach further heights.

Investment with Passion

We are passionate and driven about investment. Seeking knowledge and cultivating intuition, we invest in both ourselves and the future.

Nurturing to Newer Standard

We structure our organisation and work environment to enable each individual to reach their maximum potential. We set a high personal bar and commit ourselves to the goal.

Validate before Venture

We take a logical and calculate approach to decision-making in investment. We constinuously learn, improve and develop our perspectives to deliver the best service to our clients.

Excellence at the Core

We establish a culture of collaboration and mutual support. We value opposing views and experiences that give us the advantage over our competitors. Together, we strive to be better.

Synergise to Surplus

We help each other thrive. It is our goal to bring society closer not just to grow your business or finances, but to build an empowered community of investors for the betterment of life.


We map out our journey to success while keeping in mind the learning curves and obstacles in our way. We commit ourselves and go the extra mile for our vision.

Winvest Timeline

“Prestigious Company Award”
by the Asian Excellence Entrepreneurs Federation (AEEF)


Winvest Global won the “Prestigious Company Award” by the Asian Excellence Entrepreneurs Federation (AEEF) co-organized with HWT Group. This award is recognised as the most influential and professional global brand contest, designed to reward the development of excellent brands across the world as well as providing government and consumers with standard identification of brand excellence.