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Miki Lee
General Manager of Hong Kong & Assistant Vice President of Asia Pacific

Miki Lee joined Winvest Global in 2019 as the General Manager of Hong Kong & Assistant Vice President of Asia Pacific, with experience in market planning and marketing management, as the current job is responsible for expanding the business development of the subsidiaries of Winvest Global, and assisting the professional management of high-performance operations of the branches.

Before joining Winvest, Miki was in charge of sales management in China’s famous beauty chain brand agency in the year of 2004.

Miki served as the director of Mark Media Marketing Department in the year of 2009 and responsible for market planning and promotion, publishing magazine books and advertising business. A series of various tourist attractions, hotels and catering industries, etc., launch discount cards, and cooperate with various travel agencies for consignment! Create multiple earnings and benefit others!

In 2013, he served as the CEO of a well-known restaurant group, managed six chain stores, created a monthly turnover of more than CNY 10 million, developed a warehouse management model, and saved procurement expenses by up to several hundred thousand yuan a month. Create industry stories!

Participated in the Hong Kong Lions Clubs International as a volunteer deputy secretary in 2014. Assist charities in various industries to donate materials and cash to organizations in need, and organize activities so that leaders in different industries can share resources!

Joined Winvest Global Headquarters in 2019 as the Asia Pacific Marketing Director and General Manager of Winvest Global Hong Kong! Participate in Hong Kong Lions Clubs International as co-chair of international cultural promotion in 2020!