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Training Courses and Education Programmes

Winvest offers innovative investment education which courses that are suitable for investors ranging from beginners to advanced investors for personal investments or company investment planning purposes. We offer various courses such as half-day courses, full-day courses and even courses that span a few days.

Our educational sessions cover topics ranging from the basics and foundation of investment, investment strategies, reducing loss and risks, program trading, algorithmic trading, and CFD trading.

With the appropriate tools and strategies, Winvest helps beginners in investment to gain a better understanding of the market before making the next move. Moreover, our advanced courses will explain in detail regarding different investment strategies and the latest update on the market. Drawing on the extensive experience and expertise of our mentors, our training courses will make investment interesting while also ensuring that you invest wisely.

Choose from our Public Classes and Enterprise Classes

Discover a variety of techniques and strategies to read the market and forecast stock prices.

Learn ways to technically and fundamentally analysis stocks.

Keep up with the market pace and trends with our experts.

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