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Exclusive Clients

Winvest provides our exclusive clients with superior service to help them achieve long-term business goals.


PHILOMAXCAP’s main businesses include investments and financial holding, communications, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, real estate, education, and entertainment. Based on overall market developments and future outlooks, PHILOMAXCAP has established tangible and clear strategies aimed at building an investment platform with high potential yet low risk for investors.

Since Germany is the European Union’s financial- as well as the industrial technology development centre, PHILOMAXCAP can build a valuable economic and technical communication bridge between Europe and Asia. PHILOMAXCAP believes in empowering the community by creating and leveraging on opportunities that can drive growth, profitability and sustainability for everyone. With their business goals in mind, PHILOMAXCAP became one of the key clients of Winvest. We provide them with strategy and financial planning services, analysis and monitoring of their client’s stock portfolio for higher returns, and provide training for their marketing, finance and stock analysis team.

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BinaricX is an investment platform that provides investors with professional and secure financial services such as digital asset management, foreign exchange transactions and more. The fair and open platform offers users an excellent trading experience to both novice and advanced investors.

BinaricX aims to build a community of investors by providing easy registration and user-friendly investment tools for adults of all ages to get started in trading and investment. In line with that goal, BinaricX became one of the key clients of Winvest. WInvest also provides financial education and training on the BinaricX investment platform.

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Associate Partners

We collaborate strongly with our associate partners to contribute value and establish business footprints in the field of financial education.


Evetag is the most diversified education provider portal in Malaysia that provides learning opportunities and classes for personal development in various fields and industries. The portal has integrated courses for different age groups, including academic areas, non-academic, adult education, educational institutions, learning materials of various topics and more.

Evetag allows users access to limitless education and training in the city, providing a list of available courses for personal development and learning. As associate partners, Winvest provides analysis and strategic business planning to Evetag for the formulation a successful business strategy. Not only that, Winvest has also made available a syllabus for financial learning on the Evetag education platform.

LQ Education

Founded in Shenzhen, LQ Education is a comprehensive education platform that provides extensive learning opportunities for personal development through the integration of high-quality schools, training institutions, academic courses and more. The platform offers courses that cover topics such as domesticity, workplace development, mental development, leisure and entertainment, and many more.

LQ Education emphasises on family life education training through the introduction of scientific, effective and systematic courses to cultivate a financially and mentally healthy family. As associate partners, Winvest offers professional analysis and strategic planning of business for LQ Education. Additionally, Winvest offers a financial learning syllabus on the LQ Education platform.