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WinX Application

With WinX mobile app, users can easily access Winvest Global’s financial investment education programmes. The application allows users to access, check and register for online video courses and offline seminars and training programmes with a simple and straightforward menu. Users also get to stay updated on the current trends and market news.

Moreover, each course in the application will include a review section that the user can go through before registering for the course. Each class allows the user to increase their knowledge of investment planning and advises about essential security considerations. Winvest also strives to promote a healthy and productive life for individuals and their family by including the purchase of health products and books.

WinX Features

Convenient and Accessible

Users can access our financial investment platform easily and plan their education and courses. Keep track of your training schedule with our in-app training calendar.


Users can also communicate with each other on this secure platform regarding the financial investment.

Easy Course Selection

Users in the app will be notified on the upcoming training courses and seminars through the app and be able to sign up quickly without any hassle.

Latest Market Info

Get the latest update on the market with daily financial and economy news. Users also have access to a news feed to share any news or information among users in the app.


With a credit system and in-app purchases, users get to purchase healthy drinks and books on financial investment using the app.