WVG Everest

The EVEREST automatic trading system is developed by professional investors and programmers.

It has a robust and secure algorithm to ensure the profitability and compliance with market trends.

The traders will not need to worry as the server of execution has several back-up facilities.

The expected return of WVG Everest is 100% -130% of capital in one year.

Risk management with maximum stop loss set at 30% of the total capital.

Good risk management, strong profitability!

An intelligent system with high technology and high arithmetic power. Reducing human errors and increasing the chance of profitability.

An intelligent automatic trading system that does not require any manual trading at all. Long-term profit is no longer a dream.

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Speciality of WVG Pro

Trade the world’s most traded market: Forex

Trade EUR/USD currency pairs

Trading hours are Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day

Professional programmers from Russia

Trading strategies of WVG EVEREST - EURUSD Hedging Strategy (Double Setup)

“Target” expected return rate 100-130%, maximum stop loss set at 30% of the total capital.

Double Setup: (A) Short Range Fast Profit Robot + (B) Medium Range Medium Profit Robot

Standard setup:
(A) Short range fast profit + (B) Medium range medium profit synchronize operation

Fast and medium speed change in the number of open lots, profit point long and short, will be adjusted due to changes in market news and fundamentals

Fibonacci, the golden ratio

Automated trading by AI, stop-loss and take-profit points are automatically set by AI

Live Result and Performance of WVG EVEREST

Live Result and Performance myfxbook 

What to expect from WVG Everest?

The trading of WVG Everest was manipulated by Intelligent automatic system, it save trader’s time and effort meanwhile enjoy profit. It also provides stable annual return and easily to create a passive income portfolio. Morover, traders may look into the certified, real and transparency trading data of Everest.

A-class of customer service with efficient speed to solve problems encountered by traders. Meanwhile, the team of monitoring AI system was formed by a team of traders with 10 years trading experience, AI risk control and high quality level settings to protect the trader’s investment. WVG Everest system collaborating with the world-class brokerage firms to protect the rights and interests of investors to ensure the funds deposit and withdrawal.

Speciality of WVG Everest


There’s stop-loss setting in the AI system.


Transparency, traders can clearly check the record of each transaction


The freedom of deposit and withdrawal, traders may leave the market at any time


Fair, open and equitable mechanism

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